No need to be a blockchain expert.

Follow the process in two easy steps and gain access to the first blockchain application dedicated to freelancers.

Download a browser extension

This extension is a bridge between your browser and Ethereum Blockchain.
It will enable you to connect to blockchain applications and to manage your cryptocurrencies.
You will need it whenever you connect to your FreeDApp account.

We recommend you use google chrome or mozilla firefox, and to download metamask.

Request your account with your Ethereum address

Metamask automatically opens an Ethereum account for you, entitled "account 1". You can also create your own one.
To open your FreeDApp account you need some Talao tokens and some Ethers on the Ethereum account you want to use.
Transactions in Ethers are needed when you want to write on blockchain, in order to fund the network.
The first transaction on FreeDApp requires Talao tokens to open your account.

Copy your public Ethereum address via your browser extension and complete the fields.

We will contact you by email as soon as possible.