A new paradigm for freelancers

Data ownership powered by Ethereum blockchain and IPFS.

FreeDApp is a decentralized application: all data is stored
on Ethereum blockchain, and you directly interact with the
network to manage or modify it.

The power of a decentralized network

Why are you the sole owner of your data?

You are identified on blockchain applications through your Ethereum address.
You are the single owner of the secret code (private key).
It’s the only way to modify your data, keep it private, don’t lose it.

How is your data safer than ever?

On Ethereum blockchain Data is duplicated and hosted by thousands of computers.
This makes your data tamper-proof, inerasable and freely visible.
No matter what, you will never loose your data.

Who is operating the blockchain?

A large network of people called miners validate and store your data, making it secure.
This is why to write on blockchain you have to pay a few transaction costs,
a contribution to funding the network.

FreeDApp : the first blockchain application dedicated to freelancers

What data can I store ?

You can store any kind of data on blockchain via your FreeDapp.

Personal information


Certified experiences

Rating & skills

Diploma & licences

Legal documents

How do I manage access to my data?

Data is public on blockchain. With FreeDApp you can decide
what is sensitive data and you can encrypt it.

Share all your non-encrypted data via a simple and
personal URL. Display this link anywhere.

You can connect your workspace with other workspaces,
allowing a reciprocal exchange of all the data.

How do I get tamper-proof certificates?

No one but you can request a certificate, related to
experiences, skills, legal information…

Certificates are issued by trusted organizations directly on
blockchain with their own Ethereum address.

You receive tamper-proof certificates directly in
your FreeDApp. You are free to publish it.

You have chosen freedom. Now make the most of it.